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Starbucks Elevators

Now, this is a novel way to build readership in the brief interval before all content is free at the Wall Street Journal.

The Wall Street Journal Online is adding Digg buttons across the entire site, and you’ll now have full (free) access to the articles submitted to Digg. The Digg buttons have started appearing on WSJ.com articles tonight. Original Digg Page [From DIGG: View Wall Street Journal Online articles from Digg]

So if you see anything interesting at the WSJ, I'll digg it for you

Just to try out, made a Digg submission for a story entitled At Starbucks, Too Many Too Quick
Starbucks has about 10,500 locations in the U.S., or about 3,000 more than it did just two years ago. In its hometown of Seattle, there is one Starbucks for every 10,000 residents. That doesn't mean there isn't room for more Starbucks in the U.S. For example, Vermont, the state with the fewest Starbucks locations, has just four. The company plans to almost double its presence in the U.S. by one day having 20,000 locations.

The concern is that the company has been adding locations so quickly that the new stores are cannibalizing the old ones to the point where the chain can't increase its same-store sales at the rapid pace to which investors have grown accustomed. In the past year, shares of Starbucks have fallen about 37%.
Personally, I don't like the over-roasted flavor of Starbucks coffee, and avoid it unless there is no other option. -- ahh, you have to access the page via Digg for this trick to work. Meh.

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