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Dentsu is part of a Japanese holding company that is the largest advertising agency in the world, Dentsu USA is located in New York City. Steve Biegel got fired, and alleges that a few, shall we say, irregularities were part of the corporate culture.

part of the Dentsu litigation
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Former Dentsu USA Creative Director Steve Biegel's complaint against his former employer will go down as a sort of X-rated business travelogue that ascribes a whole range of pervy behavior to his former boss, Dentsu Holdings CEO Toyo Shigeta.

In the suit, Mr. Biegel claims that Mr. Shigeta forced him into several steamy environments, from a bathhouse to a brothel, against his will and then fired him after he complained.
One exhibit attached to the lawsuit is an image of tennis star Maria Sharapova allegedly taken by Mr. Shigeta during a 2004 commercial shoot for Dentsu client Canon. Ms. Sharapova is pictured with her legs propped up on the back of a director's chair exposing her panties as she snacks on what appears to be a can of Pringles. Mr. Biegel is claiming that Mr. Shigeta's crotch obsession led him to pass the photo around and is part of a pattern of behavior that created a hostile work environment that led him to complain. He was fired in November 2006.

Also included in the complaint is a link to a website for a Czech whorehouse. The internet home of Prague's Escade describes its services in a version of English reminiscent of Borat. Sample: "Young strippers and their performance will make you (sic) evening enjoyable." Another: "If you want to choise (sic) yourself, just call us and we take care of you. If you buy lady-companion for all night, we'll surprise you by an interesting discount." Also available is an interactive, panoramic view of the premises.
[From The Dirty Details of the Dentsu Suit - Advertising Age - News]

The Smoking Gun has more

From the complaint, section 32, page 7.
Apparently, defendant Shigeta maintained that having sex with prostitutes was a "Japanese" style of conducting business. For example, defendant Shigeta once told plaintiff (as well as Ronald Rosen and Douglas Fidoten) that he and another Japanese businessman sealed a deal not with a handshake, but by hiring a prostitute in Mexico and having "double penetration" sex with her -- i.e., where both businessmen had sex with the same prostitute at the same time. Defendant Shigeta explained to plaintiff that having "double penetration" sex was a way in which Japanese businessmen would commemorate business dealings.
Righto. Hey, when in Rome, yadda yadda. Actually, in all seriousness, if all parties are willing participants in whatever weird bonding ritual is tradition (Kerry and Bush's Skull and Bones pervy organization, for instance), fine, but unwilling participants shouldn't be punished.


Problemas still abound re. my passwords usernames, you name it.Your blog never shows as current. I don't know what else to say, except I am tired from keyboarding.
This story is eerie, I don't mean the Lake (poor joke) I am pretty sick of the number of unethical acts performed by those who have a semblance of power.
The Wiretap is discouraging, to say the least. I am going back to bed.

Thanks for the encouragement. I begin to believe in anything, even in karmic hell. Just kiddin'. The problem with our society is how putrid it has become. My blog lives in La-La Land and my desperate efforts to regain my cyber-identities. I'll take Pluto for a hundred, Alex.

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