Splogs suck

I suppose I could be flattered, but instead I'm just annoyed. Some enterprising idiot has decided to take my RSS feeds, and my blog posting names (Seth A. and swanksalot, corresponding to the two computers I use to create a post) and steal them to make their own spam blog (also known as a splog), consisting mostly of content from B12, but also from other places. Computermacintosh is the website (not linking to it, hopefully it will go away soon). Asshole.

I've reported the site to technorati , Google, and Google's Adsense. There really ought to be a better way to make a living for Mr. Jooste - is my blog really so compelling? Wait, don't answer that.
Shawn Jooste
4 Mullet Close
Cape Town, 7945
South Africa

Registered through: GoDaddy.com, Inc. (http://www.godaddy.com)
Created on: 02-Nov-07
Expires on: 02-Nov-08
Last Updated on: 02-Nov-07

Administrative Contact:
Jooste, Shawn shawn@csponline.co.za
4 Mullet Close
Cape Town, 7945
South Africa
(082) 457-5766

Technical Contact:
Jooste, Shawn shawn@csponline.co.za
4 Mullet Close
Cape Town, 7945
South Africa
(082) 457-5766
Domain servers in listed order:


Weird!! Why would he even do that? Besides the obvious...
Why your blog in particular. That is really, really strange.

A couple of years ago someone scraped my Livejournal account and used the posts to try and fool email spam filters.

Of course, a few people "fortunate" enough to receive this spam googled some of the text and came up with my account. I received a couple of nasty emails accusing me of spamming.

It sucks and there's really nothing one can do short of locking content up to "friends only."

How did you go about finding this particular splog? I never would have known someone was using my words for spam if angry people had not emailed me...did someone contact you?

Since the splog is stealing my entire posts, they keep the internal links, in which I sometimes descend into self-referential solispism. I have an RSS feed in technorati of a search of my flickr user name which is how I find if properly credited photos get used by The Chicagoist or Gapers Block or the like (Consumerist, yadda yadda). The splog kept turning up, so I clicked through and found my content (and some other weird stuff).

You sure about your facts there mate? Just becasue the domain is registered in my name, you assume I'm the guilty one?

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