Cameras are Weapons To Some

I ran into the same problem as David Pogue when I went to an Os Mutantes show a couple summers ago. Wanted to bring my Nikon D70, but instead had to bring a little pocket Canon, and thus only got crappy shots that I never posted at Flickr, or elsewhere.

Anyway, I brought my new Nikon D80 and my trusty image-stabilized, 18-200 millimeter (11X zoom) lens. This event absolutely screamed out for this camera: three frames per second, 11X zoom, image-stabilized. I was looking forward to getting some truly rockin’ shots, like the ones I’d taken at a monster-truck rally we saw last year in the same arena.

Amazingly, the guard stopped me at the door. “You can’t take that in there,” he said. “Detachable lens.”

Say what?

“You can bring pocket cameras, but no detachable lenses.”

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You would think artists, athletes, and their corporate sponsors would like the public to have quality photos circulating on the internet. Word of mouth and all that. Instead, photographers are treated like potential criminals.

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