Chargepod Sounds Cool

"Callpod Chargepod™ 6-way Charging System (US Plug)" (Callpod)

Ed Zylka thinks the living room TV is ready for a new remote control.

Darren Guccione believes road warriors should be able to set up a conference call no matter the location.

Both Chicago entrepreneurs are headed to the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, which opens Monday, hoping to turn their wireless products into big hits with the retailers, distributors and content providers who attend.


Guccione, the CEO for Chicago's Callpod, understands the challenge. "To compete with Motorola and Nokia, we need to be innovative and fast because those companies are just monsters," he said.

Guccione's company is bringing its Chargepod, a universal charging device for gadgets, and an array of high-powered Bluetooth wireless products, including one for conferencing. He has a bit of a leg up because the Chargepod appeared on several "must-have" tech gifts lists this past holiday season.

Yet Callpod's first for-sale product, developed as an afterthought, has the most interesting back story.

"I had headsets and their chargers everywhere," Guccione said, as they were being used to test compatibility with his conferencing product. "But not nearly enough outlets to charge them. It was driving me nuts."

So he sketched out what became the Chargepod.

"From start to finish, it took under 6 months to get it built and into the market," Guccione said. "We're selling them faster than we can make them."

The Chargepod looks like a wheel with six spokes, with each spoke representing a cable to charge a different gadget, such as an iPod, mobile phone or digital camera. [snip]

The Chargepod, which was introduced in July, has received strong reviews from gadget writers as well as a top holiday gift recommendation from morning show "Live with Regis and Kelly."

"Al Gore ordered two," Guccione adds. Still, Callpod isn't a well-known brand.

[From Gadgets gun for big stage --]

Looks like an essential thing to have in one's suitcase, no? I hate having to bring twenty-seven million power bricks with me every time I travel.

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