Circles and Squared Off

Circles and Squares
Sent this photo to my mom as a holiday present (20 x 10). She had asked to purchase it, but I can't really sell a photo to my mom. She might have more money in the bank than me (maybe), but I'm not destitute, and she isn't wealthy. I would sell a photo to a friend (and have), but not to my folks. Anyway, she emailed me today saying:
Now, the problem. the large photo is cropped wrong and is missing the skateboard. Can we send it back and ask them to try again? The small proof print that they sent was right, but when they blew it up, they cropped from the bottom.
Probably my fault, not resizing correctly before uploading, but still, you'd think somebody would at least glance at the photo before printing it. We'll see what happens, if anything.

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