Esophagus Man

What a crock. James Srodon probably conducted an embarrassing home stunt with a vacuum cleaner, simulating oral sex or something, and concocted this tale to avoid telling his doctor the truth.

His voice cracking with emotion, James Srodon recounted Thursday how a camera had been shoved down his throat during a Blue Man Group performance in Chicago, injuring his esophagus and resulting in nightmares.

The Blue Man Group, famous for its actors who don't utter a word, was forced to respond to Srodon's lawsuit, saying it was all just an illusion—a camera never even entered his throat. In a bit of sleight of hand, as the camera is held near an audience member's mouth, a jumbo video screen switches to a pre-recorded medical video, leading the audience to think it is peering down the individual's throat, the production said.

"We are disappointed that this false claim forces us to reveal the truth behind one of our most popular theatrical devices," Blue Man Productions said in its brief statement.

The producers referred to the comedic bit as the "Esophagus Video" and said it had played out in more than 50,000 performances over the last 15 years.

Blue Man Group called the "Esophagus Video" a "hilarious and absurd illusion."

"Because the camera never enters the mouth, the execution of this illusion could not possibly put anyone at risk of injury," the statement said. [From Blue Man Group denies patron's story of abuse --]

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