HBO Putting Shows Online

Lonely Zenith

ummm, The Wire? Maybe more folks will get to watch it.

HBO, cable’s most popular premium channel, is carefully entering the arena of Internet video.

The channel, a subsidiary of Time Warner, will introduce HBO on Broadband starting this week to subscribers in Green Bay and Milwaukee, Wis., then spread the service slowly to other parts of the country. The free service will allow access to about 400 hours of movies and original programming each month. It will be made available only to people already subscribing to HBO, and it will be marketed and delivered through cable operators.

“There are a lot of people, particularly young people, who are watching TV through the PC. We wanted to create a product for them,” said Eric Kessler, a co-president of HBO.

[From HBO Putting Shows Online, at No Additional Charge - New York Times]

Of course, only on Windows PCs at the moment, no Mac support. Typical.

Oh wait, you have to be a subscriber first? What's the point of that? How do you grow your subscriber base that way? Crazy. And short-sighted.

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