Lonely Noodles

Really, really is time to go grocery shopping when I am making noodles (a previously opened package of angel hair) with a sauce consisting of two garlic cloves and a carrot. The carrot looks so lonely swimming around in the tomato sauce, especially since the only can of tomatoes is the large size container I hardly every use (or purchase). I have no parmesan cheese to add, no protein, no pine nuts, just a simple gravy, with a carrot.

I have plenty of wine at least.....

Oh, I found a package of previously opened frozen broccoli, but who knows how long ago it was opened: might have that dreaded freezer-burn-flavor. Yech. Can't chance it.

Berghoff Cafe

[where: Berghoff Cafe, Chicago IL 60603] - The Berghoff Cafe is defunct by the way.

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