Marina Towers Condo Ass is Delusional

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I know I have more photos of Marina Towers (aka Marina City) than the three I've uploaded to Flickr. If not, I'm making it a special assignment to take a few dozen in the near future just to protest the Marina Towers Condo Association's inanity. Seriously, are they insane? Deluded? George Bush Donors?

You may have seen our previous posts on the proclamations by the Marina Towers Condo Association that they have the right to forbid anyone from publishing photographs of Marina City who doesn't first get their permission and pay them tribute. Despite the absence of any substantive case law in support of their position, they declared the first amendment null and void.

That was delusional enough. Now they've published the actual "rules" on their website and there can no longer be any doubt: they've officially lost it. I dare you to read through any more a half-dozen of the 25 requirements (twenty-five requirements!) without beginning to laugh uncontrollably

[Click here to read the alleged rules: ArchitectureChicago PLUS: 25 Things You Must Do Before Publishing a Photo of Marina City]

What utter foolishness.

1 Comment

The Marina Towers Condo Association's (Donna & friends) have no legal grounds for their action. If I lived in Chicago I would take pictures every day and post them without their permission. Keep up the good work Seth. I know donna's husband (John Leonard) personally and he thinks he's a big shot. He's really just a big prick.

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