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I was born in Mt. Sinai Childrens Hospital in Toronto, Ontario in April, 1969, was a small part of the Ragnarokr Leathershop Collective on 33 Baldwin St., Toronto, lived also in Frostpocket, Ontario; Yona, Guam; Burkeville, TX, and then Austin, TX. I went to school in Austin, Texas (William Travis High school, and Bachelor Arts, History, with minor in Asian History from University of Texas, Austin, 1994), then moved to Chicago a few times, working mostly at Lord, Bissell & Brook. Now I'm self employed, and much happier.

Speaking of self-employement, I have a few photos for sale here. Actually, if you wish, any photo I've taken can be purchased, just contact me directly. I have a gallery of some of my favorite photos here.

B12 Partners

B12 Partners, a computer services and marketing consulting company, was formed
in 1994, and officially incorporated as an LLC in 2003.

Observations from the peanut gallery can be found here on a daily basis. The opinions expressed on the blog probably do not co-incide with the management of B12 Partners, and rarely will companies who B12 Partners works for ever be mentioned, if ever.
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If you want to contact me, feel free to email me: swanksalot @ gmail.com

Also, if you use twitter, I am here too frequently.

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