My Pie to Close

or My ∏ as it says on the sign. When I lived on Belden, I ate at My Pie quite frequently. Not spectacular food, but good and cheap enough, with a decent salad bar, another vestige of a previous time. I probably have a photo somewhere, I’ll have to look.

My Pie, which has been a fixture in the Lincoln Park area (and a crucial part of my collegiate dining options) for 31 years, closed its Clark Street location over the weekend. Rich Aronson, part of the family that started the My Pie pizzeria mini-chain a generation ago, says the unavailability of an affordable lease led to the restaurant’s demise. “We knew it was coming,” he said. “They [the landlords] had different plans for the place, and the rent was skyrocketing by four, five times. We want to do something else in the neighborhood, but it’s just difficult to find anything.”

[From My Pie closes its Lincoln Park location, hopes to reopen]

Lincoln Park continues to transform into yuppie heaven. I’m sure the building owners want to sell to a condo developer – that’s where one gets enough money to retire to Florida.

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