Sex Life of the Giant Squid

A recently caught giant squid in Australia [click to embiggen, if you dare!]

As a sort of addendum to a previous post, the odd sex life of a giant squid is titillating scientists.

Group sex
He says the reproductive habits of giant squids are particularly interesting and will be the focus of much study.

“[We will look at] whether it has been mated or not. Whether it is a male or female.

“Giants have very strange sexual behaviour where the male has a metre-long muscular penis that he uses a bit like a nail gun and shoots cords of sperm under the skin of the female’s arms and she carries the sperm around with her until she is ready to lay her big jelly mass of a million eggs.

“[We want to find out[ whether they gather somewhere together to mass-breed.

“If we get some sperm out of the arms of this animal then we can do paternity studies and see if was multiple males that are mating with her or single males.

[From Scientists probe giant squid sex secrets – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)]

Everyone gets excited about different things, glad someone can drool over discovering a massive muscular penis.

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