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Noticed a visitor searching for a theory of solipsism

Solipsism (Latin: solus, alone + ipse, self) is the philosophical idea that “My mind is the only thing that I know exists.” Solipsism is an epistemological or metaphysical position that knowledge of anything outside the mind is unjustified. The external world and other minds cannot be known and might not exist.

[From Solipsism – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia]

Seeing as I’m fairly un-religious,1 the so-called Eastern religious and philosophical paradigms are as valid as any other. Especially after ingesting a few grams of something or other – talk about the illusion of reality!

The Buddha stated : “Within this fathom long body is the world, the origin of the world, the cessation of the world and the path leading to the cessation of the world.” Whilst not rejecting the occurrence of external phenomena, the Buddha focused on the illusion of reality that is created within the mind of the perceiver by the process of ascribing permanence to impermanent phenomena, satisfaction to unsatisfying experiences, and a sense of reality to things that were effectively insubstantial.

Some later representatives of one Yogacara subschool (Prajnakaragupta, Ratnakirti) were proponents of extreme illusionism and solipsism (as well as of solipsism of this moment). The best example of such extreme ideas was the treatise of Ratnakirti (XI century) “Refutation of the existence of other minds” (Santanantara dusana). [It is important to note that all mentioned Yogacara trends are not purely philosophical but religious–philosophical. All Yogacara discourse takes place within the religious and doctrinal dimension of Buddhism. It is also determined by the fundamental Buddhist problem, that is living being and its liberation from the bondage of Samsara.]

and of course, of equal importance:

Zen concentrates on direct experience rather than on rational creeds or revealed scriptures.

Really, the name of this blog is mostly ironic – all 23 of my regular readers probably realize the inherent silliness of webzines. Does anyone really care what anyone else thinks about the topic de jour? I may find interesting discussions elsewhere, and maybe agree with them, but the revolution will not have an RSS feed, that’s for sure.

  1. is that even a word? Probably not, but I’m guessing you know what it means, in at least a general sense. I self-define myself as a Pastafarian, but I’ve probably lapsed. []

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