WordPress Week 9 update

Sometimes just publicly complaining is enough to fix problems. I haven’t noticed errors recently. So culprit was probably LibraryThing, Amazon, LastFM, or a combination of the three, or something else unrelated. I know you were just dying to know…

I have a bad problem with cluttering up my sidebars – I want my blog to resemble my office, which is nearly always thick with piles of papers, notebooks, newspapers, magazine, books, CDs, DVDs, coffee cups, half-eaten food, and cat toys. Perhaps the error was warning to clean my act up! Or not, I’m sure in a week or two, I’ll have a bunch of crap everywhere.

Oh, and while I’m bloviating about non-important topics,1 there is a new option: subscription by email, courtesy of FeedBurner. If you click the link in the upper right column (appropriately enough: subscribe to B12 Solipsism by Email), and follow the simple directions, you’ll receive a fairly nicely formatted HTML email theoretically every morning between 7 AM and 9 AM containing all the new content for the day. If it doesn’t work for whatever reason, I’ll be happy to help (if I can, of course).

  1. unless you are me, then every topic is the most important topic, at that moment []

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