Museum of American Cocktail

Cocktail Hour can strike at any time

Sounds fun, I want to go there, soon.

the Museum of the American Cocktail opening this month will focus on the rich history of sophisticated drinks that have been served since Thomas Jefferson was president 200 years ago.

Cocktails – originally defined as any mixture of bitters, spirits and sugar – were an early fixture in this French port city. Besides easy access to sugar, a European sensibility allowed a drinking culture to flourish when it foundered elsewhere in the south’s Bible Belt.

“I definitely think New Orleans has always been the home of civilised1 drinking,” said Ann Tuennerman, founder of Tales of the Cocktail, an annual festival that attracts thousands.

“The image the tourists have is not how most locals think of drinking. We believe in better, not more.”

The museum is located near the city’s French Quarter and features a collection of rare spirits, books, and Prohibition-era literature. There will be vintage cocktail shakers, glassware, tools, gadgets and other cocktail memorabilia.

[From From martinis to Manhattans, US museum pays homage to mixed drinks | World news |]

I have not been to New Orleans since Katrina, except in spirit, but a journey to celebrate spirits sounds like a festive spritzer. Errr, whatever.

  1. British spelling, from a British paper, we aren’t correcting it []

3 thoughts on “Museum of American Cocktail

  1. I love cocktails and the photo looks great. Which is your favorite? I love a Kir Royal, geesh, I love everything and drink nothing ;(

  2. I’ve never had a Kir Royal? What’s in it? For me, when I have a cocktail, I tend to make my variant of a martini, using those three bottles as in the photo. Gin, sweet vermouth, a splash of bitters, and ice. I actually don’t drink mixed drinks all that often, prefer the simplicity of wine or beer. Sometimes though, a cocktail is just the right thing to end a long day.


  3. Oh a Kir has champagne. I’ve never had a good champagne (only crappy sparkling wine), it always has given me a headache.

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