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  • Microsoft has managed to prove that if you have a friendly expert on a controlled machine (with Vista pre-installed) showing a carefully selected subset of Vista features to an ignorant XP user for a few minutes, the XP user will often say he finds Vista acceptable. Wow.

    This so-called experiment of Microsoft’s is an insult to science, and to our intelligence. And I am dying to see the out-takes from their shoot. I mean, how many people do you suppose like being told, “Hey, this giant, unpopular monopolistic software company just made an ass out of you! Ha ha! Our leading scienticians just PROVED that you LOVE VISTA and WANT TO MARRY IT. You are TOTALLY GAY for Vista! Haaaaaaa HAAAAAAA!”

  • New page, yayy. And double yayy for longer notes field. The question will be whether my daily links post will accommodate the longer field. Probably, but I’m rambling on here to test the limits. Probably my main complaint with the delicious service was the short notes field – I use delicious as a blog post builder for posts that don’t quite merit a full entry, but that I still want to keep track of. I still have nearly 600 characters left, and I doubt I’ll use them all in any case. Thanks, Yahoo!

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