Bookmarks for September 11th

Some additional reading September 11th from 15:37 to 16:45:

  • Download free HD episodes of 'Battlestar Galactica', '30 Rock', and more | The Cheapskate – CNET News – Best thing about the just-released iTunes 8? HD versions of TV shows. To help kick things off, Apple is offering one free HD episode from each of a dozen shows (some of which are actually worth watching!).
  • Why aren't women furious about Sarah Palin? | Salon Life – " What her Down syndrome baby and pregnant teenage daughter unequivocally prove, however, is that her most beloved child is the antiabortion platform that ensures her own political ambitions with the conservative right. The throat she's so hot to cut is that of all American women.

    I don't want Sarah Palin being the representative leader and custodian of my rights, my Constitution and my country any more than I want polygamist compound leader Warren Jeffs baby-sitting for my preteen goddaughters."

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