Bookmarks for September 11th through September 12th

A few interesting links for September 11th through September 12th:

  • Media Matters – Inappropriate content? – "Wilson posted a very important clip about Sarah Palin's church and the often radical brand of faith it practices. The clip was picked up all over the blogosphere and as of Thursday had been seen more than 160,000 at YouTube. (Watch the video here.)

    But then the clip was yanked. When Wilson tried to find out why he was told by YouTube it was because of "inappropriate content," which strikes us as very odd"

  • Giant ice penis – is climate change to blame? | – "If there was any doubt about the terrible threat that global warming poses to humanity, then it can now be dismissed – as this shocking photograph proves that climate change is turning icebergs into giant penises."
  • Ebert confirms fellow critic hit him at Toronto Film Festival — – This guy must have had too much coffee.
    "Lumenick reportedly was annoyed by being tapped on the shoulder by whomever was sitting behind him, so he got up, turned around and took a swing. Only afterward did Lumenick apparently realize he had hit Ebert, who had simply been trying to silently request Lumenick shift in his seat so as to not to block his view.

    "[Lumenick] hit him so hard everybody could hear it," a source told the Daily News. "Everyone freaked out and turned around."

    his wife, Chaz, who did not witness what happened, was taken aback when she learned of it.

    "Her reaction when she heard: 'I'll get a no-neck guy from the West Side to break his knees,'" he recalled. "Just rhetorical, I trust."

  • The First ‘08 Presidential Debate – 1908 that is.
    "William Jennings Bryan and William Howard Taft, both agreed to record cylinders of their speeches for the Edison Talking Machine company. Bryan, Mr. “Cross of Gold” himself, could hardly be restrained from constantly speechifying, while Taft, the middle-brow heir apparent to a two-term president and heartily rustic Easterner (aka Teddy Roosevelt), was more circumspect about squaring off. Although neither specifically debated the other in their series of recordings, owners of phonograph parlors and arcades set up countless faux debates by airing them one after another.
    Now, all 22 cylinders recorded by Taft and Bryan are available"
  • President, Senate, House Updated Daily – "While most of the media attention is focused on candidate misstatements and national polls, there is important stuff going on below the radar. In particular, voter registration. Both sides are doing it, but the Obama campaign is doing it on a scale no party has previously done. According to an article in Time, voter registration is up by over 400,000 in Florida, Michigan, and North Carolina, and up by over 100,000 in 10 other key states. Most of the people being registered are under 35, a key Obama demographic. These huge increases could determine the election in a number of swing states."
  • – "The chart at the left shows the distribution of electoral votes based on statewide polls. The colors represent the gap in the poll. The larger the gap, the darker the color. 270 Electoral votes are needed to win, out of a possible 538 electoral votes."

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