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I received solicitation from the WSJ Wine club in the mail, but wonder whether the wine is $4 a bottle swill or better. Hard to tell, really.

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Some question the wine selection:

The Wall Street Journal announced today that it has created an online wine store, along with a wine club. Sadly, it looks dishonest from day one.

The Journal is not the first publication to try to leverage its supposed integrity into wine sales. The Times of London has had a successful wine club for years. The San Francisco Chronicle — the only newspaper in the US with a dedicated wine section — has been running one for the last couple of years.

Readers of the publications can wonder about how much impact the club has on editorial decisions. Will a wine get John and Dottie’s approval now because the Journal managed to acquire 5000 cases at a discount?

[From Wine Rocks: Wall Street Journal wine club: Looks like lies to me]

The initial offer includes one of those fancy corkscrews, and twelve bottles for $69. I am considering trying to see what’s included. My price point is usually around $10 a bottle, so perhaps I am a good target.

2 thoughts on “Wall Street Wine Club

  1. Tom Aguirre says:

    I received the promotional case ($69.99 + $20 shipping) Assortment of 12 reds plus free corkscrew.
    The “Chateau Labourdette 2005 Bordeaux” was dreadful.
    Sour taste with little fruit and no finish. Reminded me of something that was halfway to vinegar after sitting in the sun for a few days. After this initial experience, I googled impressions of other wines included in this case. My conclusion. Cheap plonk with attractive labels and flowery descriptions. I’m arranging a refund. I’m a long term Wall Street Journal subscriber and shocked that they would license their name to this subprime operation. My suggestion. Invest a little time getting to know a few folks at your local wine shop. It’s a better investment.

  2. Robert Smithy says:

    Very nice article!

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