Debate 2 Notes

Joey the Shark vs. the Caribou Barbie.

The agreed-to debate format was skewed heavily in favor for Sarah Palin; she didn’t have to answer any question she didn’t have an answer to, and the faux-moderator, Gwen Ifill, didn’t mind. Ifill might as well had been a preprogrammed machine, reciting question discussed by the candidates twenty weeks ago for all the relevant response Ifill’s questions obtained.

Palin lied, and evaded more than half of the questions, maybe even 80% of the questions asked were answered instead with Republican talking points from her note cards. I’m pretty sure Palin would be totally lost being President, let us all actively work to stop that from happening.

Palin seems to be under the assumption that John McCain was instrumental in winning some war. I’m not sure which war that was. Vietnam? Nope, Iraq? Nope. Maybe she meant McCain knew how to win against the media, except that wouldn’t be factual.

Sudan bill actually was derailed by Sarah Palin, so she shouldn’t be claiming credit for passing divesture.

Sarah Palin’s Administration Was Complicit In Killing Sudan Divestment Bills In Committee. On February 9, 2008, Governor Sarah Palin’s appointed Deputy Commissioner of Revenue spoke to the Alaska House State Affairs Committee on bipartisan HB 287, which would require the state to divest from Sudan. He agreed with another speaker who said divestment was ‘not the right tool.’ On April 1, Commissioner of Revenue paid lip service to SB 227 in the Alaska Senate State Affairs Committee, saying that the bill “should be amended…in the Finance Committee” and said that the Department of Revenue was “working with the Department of Law… to actually take certain actions with regard to divestiture that would still be compliant with the state investment laws.” The Legislature adjourned Sine Die on April 13. [Minutes Of The 25th Alaska Legislature]

Oh, there’s more to say, but I’m too busy to say it.

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