Bookmarks for October 28th

Some additional reading October 28th from 13:36 to 19:15:

  • One More on the Pile – " take however many tens of billions we’re considering spending on the auto industry and instead spend that money on direct assistance to people working in the industry and in Michigan more generally. Let the bankrupt firms go bankrupt, and let their assets be liquidated and redeployed in a more efficient way or under better management. The collapse of the US auto industry would be bad for a lot of people. Trying to help people is a good impulse. But trying to help people by propping up failing firms is an inefficient and ultimately unpromising way of doing so. Just help the people and let the firms die."
  • Macworld | Numark offers portable vinyl record archiving system – Need one of these for my next trip to Austex
    "Numark on Thursday introduced the PT-01USB, a portable vinyl record archiving system.
    The PT-01USB is battery-powered (it can also be powered using an AC adapter) and connects to a Macintosh or Windows PC using USB 2.0. It features a protective dustcover and integrated carrying handle, and is designed for portability. Software included with the device enables you to automatically rip audio from a vinyl record to MP3 file; EZ Audio Creator 2 is the Mac software. Audacity is also included, to help reduce the effects of clicks, pops and other noise in tracks.

    The device features a belt-drive motor and can operate at 33, 45 and 78 RPM. A built-in speaker lets you monitor your recordings, and you can adjust pitch control up or down up to 10 percent. The device also sports RCA line and headphone outputs, so you can connect it to a sound system if you want."

  • From scream to 50-state dream – "Ah yes, us loony bloggers, fighting for universal health care, to protect social security, to keep our government from unconstitutionally spying on us, and to promote a sane foreign policy that doesn't unnecessarily cost us blood and treasure. You know, loony things supported by a majority of the (apparently also loony) American people."

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