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Kassin +2 Touring

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“Futurismo” (Kassin + 2)

Hitting the Old Town School of Folk here in the Big Potato, and other places too

December 13, 2008
Old Town School of Folk
Chicago, IL

Kassin + Domenico + Moreno = The Plus 2’s, LIVE!!!
For the past few years, Kassin has been one of the most exciting names in Brazilian music. From his Monoaural Studio in Gavea he has produced records by singers like Marisa Monte and Bebel Gilberto and made an album from the bleeps of a Gameboy. He has played bass for Caetano Veloso’s live shows and masterminded the Orchestra Imperial project, in which samba classics are given a modern twist by a loose and ever-expanding live band. And given his status as a leader of Brazil’s musical avant-garde, the biggest surprise from the +2’s latest release, Futurismo, which Kassin wrote and produced, is its bossa-rooted accessibility.

The tracks on Futurismo are melodic gems. They were written at different periods in Kassin’s life and recorded quickly, mostly on acoustic instruments with electronic flourishes added later. Fellow band members Moreno Veloso and Domenico Lancelott join Kassin for the live presentation of these songs.

Kassin told Yahoo’s Spinner blog: “The tour will be based on the last album (Futurismo) with parts of the previous 3 albums we have along with the new material we are writing. We have many new songs and have been playing this new material live. We are enjoying our lives a lot these days and we are pretty excited to go back to the USA.”

[From Welcome to Luaka Bop]

Sounds interesting, but not sure if I’ll be in town to see them. Bummer.

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December 1st, 2008 at 7:29 pm

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