Bookmarks for December 31st

Some additional reading December 31st from 12:58 to 18:02:

  • The Parting Glass: Rum, Sodomy, and the Lash – "Cuchulainn was a powerful leader in Irish mythology (click the link for more details). He is the central figure in the "Ulster Cycle" of poems which is roughly the Irish equivalent of the Arthurian legends in England. One of the poems in the cycle is "Serglige Con Culaind & Oenét Emire," or "The Sick Bed of Cuchulainn" "
  • Flickr: Discussing Photographer's rights tutorial in Photography is not a crime – "I can't fathom a way of tying trespassing to taking a picture. You might have a camera in your hand, but the act of trespassing is you physically being on the property. You could be taking pictures, or picking boogers, it doesn't matter, it's the physical act of being on the property, regardless of what you're doing.

    Oh, and in most US states, the one asking you to leave must be the property owner, or a authorized representative thereof. And yes, a hired security guard at a mall is considered an authorized representative"

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