Waiting for Baggage -TRI-X 400

Waiting for Baggage -TRI-X 400, originally uploaded by swanksalot.


The dude stormed off cursing when his bag turned up lost.

Our luggage was delayed too. At first, the American Airline agent said our bag was on the flight that left immediately after ours, and thus our miscreant bag would arrive in a few moments. After filling out some paperwork, decided to wait the few moments.

In actuality, the baggage carousel was just frozen and inoperable. They fixed it, and the last suitcase was the first one out of the door.

Might have been due to the TSA inspecting it (there was one of those “Notice of Baggage Inspection” notes in both of my suitcases – the suitcase with my clothes, and the delayed suitcase with mostly all business related papers).

This angry man in the photo didn’t wait for his bag though, just stormed off cursing at the incompetence of American Airlines.

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