Nigerians can sue US drugs firm

Is it really better to litigate in the US?

Nigerian families can sue the Pfizer drugs giant in the US over its alleged role in the deaths of children, a US appeals court has ruled. The decision overturns ruling by a lower court that the case must be heard in Nigeria.

Pfizer is accused of killing 11 children and injuring 181 others when an antibiotic was tested on them during a meningitis epidemic in 1996.

Pfizer denies the claims, saying they were victims of the outbreak.
The epidemic killed 12,000 children in Nigerian in six months.

The families say that Pfizer tested out an oral antibiotic called Trovan on some 200 ill children in hospital in Kano, without first getting the consent of their parents.

They say the drug killed 11 children and caused blindness, deformities and brain damage in others

[From BBC NEWS | Americas | Nigerians can sue US drugs firm]

Pfizer’s lawyers will be working overtime this weekend.1

  1. I removed my lame Nigerian scam jokes, they really aren’t relevant, nor were they that funny. If they made me laugh, maybe I’d keep them. Do you have any good Nigerian scam email jokes? []

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