Reading Around on January 30th

These are my links for January 30th from 08:30 to 22:05

Some additional reading January 30th from 08:30 to 22:05:

  • Job Love | Fevered Mutterings – Scene: printing shop. Reception.
    ME: Hi, can I help?
    Them: Ah, thank you, yes. Can I print something here?
    No. Not the merest shred of a chance. We put “print” in the name of our business, and above the door you’ve just passed through, because we’re fickle and misleading. If there’s anywhere in this city that’s the least likely venue for any of your actual printing, this is it. Don’t be fooled by the shelves of paper receding into the distance like the iconic final scene of Raiders of The Lost Ark, or the enormous whirring behemoths with “Xerox” emblazoned on their sides that are making the very floor groan under your feet as they spit out reams of foolscap into waiting boxes labeled “Print Job”. No, it’s all a wretched lie. You took the wrongest of wrong turns, my friend.

    image, swanksalot
  • the undead are in Austin — and are city employees! – "A couple pranksters changed the message on two portable road-traffic signs in Austin, TX recently. They were warning drivers, and rightfully so, of the impending zombie attack."

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