LEED certified Bed and Breakfast

My neighbor, Donnie Madia1 wants to open a “green” bed and breakfast over in my old stomping grounds (I lived on Paulina and Cortez in the mid-1990s). Cool, hope he succeeds.

Donnie Madia in front of Avec

A local builder would like to covert a building near Division and Paulina into a boutique, eco-friendly hotel with retail offerings.

Dan Sheehy of Third Coast Construction imagines the project including a small restaurant on the first floor, shopping and a 13-room hotel.

Sheehy and his partners want to develop the project in the building at 1659 W. Division, which currently houses Pump Shoes and Accessories. The shoe store is under a long term lease.

If the plans are approved by 1st Ward Alderman Manny Flores and the city council, construction isn’t expected to begin for 14 to 16 months.

Sheehy presented his plans to neighbors at a recent meeting of the East Village Association, and got a warm response.

Previously, the EVA board unanimously voted not to oppose a special-use zoning permit that the hotel would need to open. After a half hour presentation, EVA’s general membership unanimously agreed with the board’s decision.

“The entrance to the building will be on Paulina Ave., giving the hotel a ‘neighborhood feel,'” Sheehy said at the meeting.

“We love the building and we’re not going to tear it down,” Sheehy said. “It’s almost like a call-back – we’re going to re-create it.” The building had in the ’70s functioned as a tavern and a restaurant.

Sheehy, who focuses on sustainable developments, is planning to pursue Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, or LEED, certification for the building and expedite processing of building permits through the city’s green permit program.

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  1. of Blackbird, Avec and The Publican fame []

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  1. This is a great story and I hope that Sheehy and his partners are able to succeed. I’m all for leed certified buildings especially taking ones that have some historic value and upgrading them. It’s sounds like a nice addition to a great neighborhood. Good luck!

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