Reading Around on February 16th

Some additional reading February 16th from 00:25 to 12:47:

  • WEB BROWSER COLOR MANAGEMENT Tutorial – Test Page FireFox 3 Safari – FILES have embedded ICC profiles Photoshop ColorManagement – The above “Tagged WhackedRGB” example also will clearly show if your web browser is colormanaged or not — both Tagged and Untagged files are identical except the top image has an embedded ICC profile — the rollover is in essence stripping the profile. … FireFox 3 (Mac and Windows free download) Note: Color management in FireFox3 is off by default. TO ENABLE COLORMANAGEMENT: type about:config into the address bar. To turn it on, change the value of gfx.color_management.enabled to true and restart the Fire Fox browser. In addition to enabling color management in Firefox, you also should enter the name of the monitor profile – it’s next to the enable/disable parameter in the parameters list that you get to by entering about:config in the address field.
  • Chilly scenes of winter « STEVENHARTSITE – Movies don’t come any more hardboiled than Frozen River, even if virtually every scene of the film is is covered with snow and ice. Courtney Hunt’s refreshingly blunt and unsentimental storyline centers on Ray (Melissa Leo), a housewife abandoned by her husband and stranded with two young sons in a dead-end job at the Yankee Dollar. By chance she falls in with Lila (Misty Upham), a troubled young Mohawk woman who smuggles illegal immigrants across the frozen St. Lawrence River via tribal lands overlapping Quebec and the New York state line.

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