Explaining a No Vote on Stimulus in Michigan

Actions have consequences, and if Congress-critter McCotter and others of his ilk lose their jobs because their constituents run them out on a flaming rail, I’d celebrate the fact.

Newstand on State Street circa 1996

[Representative Thaddeus] McCotter — whose suburban district west of Detroit is laced with unemployed autoworkers, shuttered automotive plants and struggling manufacturers — could become a test case of whether House Republicans’ united front against the economic measure was the wise political and policy course.

Democrats are mounting a new campaign to remind voters that Mr. McCotter and 11 other Republicans in competitive districts in harder-hit states opposed the stimulus package, which the president says will provide middle class tax cuts and millions of jobs — 7,800 in Mr. McCotter’s district alone, according to a calculation by the White House.

“Did you know Congressman Thad McCotter voted against President Obama’s economic recovery plan, endorsed by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce?” says the script of an automated telephone call that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee plans to direct to homes in his district this week. The message will encourage voters to call Mr. McCotter and “ask why he voted to raise taxes on middle-class families.”

[From Explaining a ‘No’ Vote on Stimulus in Michigan – NYTimes.com]

The Vulgar Pig Boy1 has convinced so many working class people that the Republicans have working class Americans interests at heart, despite consistent behavior that demonstrates the complete opposite. Wouldn’t it be cool if the stimulus package opposition was the beginning of the end of this Republican lie?

  1. aka Rush Limbaugh []

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