Reading Around on February 26th

Some additional reading February 26th from 12:19 to 13:28:

  • – Yo Dawg – The bright young minds over at 4chan established the format of 'Yo dawg, I heard you like X, so we put a X in your X so you can X while you X' and paired it with a funny picture of Xzibit … And so, a meme was born and it spread across the interwebs like herpes."

    To wit:

  • Chicago Public Radio Blog » Did MSNBC steal our story? | News and Notes from WBEZ – Then, MSNBC picked it up and reported nationally. But take a close look at how they provide the story. No links, very little attribution and essentially the full transcript lifted from our site. Interesting case study for the future of Journalism, ey? They will argue that they attributed to WBEZ in the lead, but who’s getting that traffic? And who’s getting that ad revenue from said traffic?

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