Ferris Wheel at Dusk

Ferris Wheel at Dusk

Ferris Wheel at Dusk, originally uploaded by swanksalot.

everyone has to be a tourist sometimes….

this particular tourist shot from Chicago’s Navy Pier. Not my favorite place in the city, but starting Memorial Day, there are fireworks on Wednesday and Saturday every week. Sometimes we walk over there at dusk and gawk at the tourists in their fanny packs and baggy shorts.

2 thoughts on “Ferris Wheel at Dusk

  1. Marie says:

    It used to be very rugged and industrial with remnants of military there. Went to Chicago Fest several times there. Most memorable was seeing a concert by Kris Kristofferson, Emily Lou Harris, Waylon Jennings, et al, one year like two nights in a row. It was just the stage and the audience like three feet away. It was free. It was fun. It was Chicago.

  2. Seth A says:

    That would have been an awesome show to attend.

    There is music there now, but in my experience Navy Pier only books “cover” bands, playing radio hits. Still, on a nice evening, well worth the 20 minute stroll to walk over there, have a drink, and watch fireworks explode.

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