Danger! X-Rated grocery stores and Gas Stations! Oh my!

so, one of these seemingly innocuous Apple iPhone applications could lead to adult material, and now requires a warning. Wonder which one?

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Let us speculate.

1. AroundMe? a mapping program? are there porno theaters nearby? Bathhouses? Congress?

2. Cheap Gas!? maybe there are some perverted gas station restrooms. Or maybe the magazine section has nudie rags?

3.Grocery IQ -a grocery list application? There are *adult* things one can do with produce, or whipped cream.

4. Instapaper Free? a program that transfers webpages from Safari (you know, that web-browser program on your iPhone)

5. RN Dining? – a dining rewards /restaurant reservation app? Maybe certain restaurants haven’t paid their Apple tax recently?

[if you really want to know, the answer is answer number 4. Instapaper allows you to transfer John Yoo’s torture memos to your phone, and thus qualifies as objectionable content]

more Apple Store foolishness, in other words.

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