Wednesday Musical Meditation

Another installment of the music that plays during my evening meditation session1

  1. Felice BrothersThe Big Surprise

    Yonder Is The Clock

    are they really brothers? More alt-country, but this album and band has really grown on me.

  2. Joni MitchellCoin In The Pocket Mingus
    Charles Mingus talking about always having a little coin in his pocket. Not rich, but enough.
  3. Psycho Acoustic SoundsCovered Wagon
    Godzilla vs. Ralph Records
    just like it says. Quick, full of energy, fun, but not music to play during family dinners.
  4. Ludwig van BeethovenSymphony No. 4 in B-Flat Major, Op. 60: II. Adagio- London Symphony Orchestra

    I don’t know all that much about classical music, still, even after listening to it for more than half my life, but love this symphony. Also, in part because of my lack of musical training, I often visualize playing electric guitar in accompaniment – mostly on the sustained notes – whatever they are, oboe? French horn?

  5. Les BoukakesKallouha

    “Marra” (Les Boukakes)

    Raï, with linky funk-esque verse, and heavy rock choruses. Not sure of the language, sounds Arabic, North African, or similar. Awesome. Get this if you can find a copy2.

  6. Joni MitchellA Chair In The Sky

    “Mingus” (Joni Mitchell)

    a very jazzy number, with fretless bass, slightly amorphous melody, some scat-singing by Joni Mitchell, an organ or vibes player that I could do without. All in all, an interesting song, but not a toe-tapper.

  7. ClusterRosa


    German instrumental electronica from 1974, always want to astral-project over meadows when listening to it.

  8. Andrew JenkinsAlabama Flood
    People Take Warning (2 of 3) Man Vs. Nature

    “People Take Warning! Murder Ballads & Disaster Songs 1913-1938” (Various Artists)

    tale of an Alabama flood, accompanied by guitar, fiddle and back-up vocal. How do they all fit into the can?

  9. They Might Be GiantsWithered Hope
    The Else
    meh. Not TMBGs best work, imo, lyrics are not sparkling. The Dust Brothers drum loops are ok.
  1. generated from a iTunes smart playlist called This Years Models. Criteria is: added to iTunes library this year, more than four plays []
  2. seems out of print []

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