Reading Around on January 21st

Some additional reading January 21st from 09:11 to 10:24:

  • The Importance of Active Leisure | Happenchance – Photo Credit: swanksalot (and this post is written by a different Seth)
  • Chess Meisters

  • Gangsters & Speakeasies: Buildings of Historic Chicago « – The speakeasy, 1920’s icon. When prohibition began, outlawing the sale of alcohol in the United States paved the way for criminals like Al Capone to come to fruition. And if you think prohibition stopped alcohol, well, then… the word naive comes to mind. Alcohol, if anything, was more rampant in the 1920’s. Want to make something that’s already fun even more popular?? Make it taboo. The “speakeasy” was the slang term for an establishment that illegally sold alcohol during these times. Some were seedy bars, others were extravagant nightclubs filled with the rich and famous. The Green Mill Jazz Club, still open today, was a popular speakeasy back during prohibition and at one point even owned by Jack McGurn, a right hand man of Al Capone. photo credit: swanksalot
  • Green Mill Daguerreotype

  • • Fabriquer la ville durable au Maghreb et en Méditerranée : entre épreuves et modèles. – Illustration : swanksalot, « Solar Panels. Chicago Center for Green Technology », Flickr, 19.6.2008 (licence Creative Commons).
  • Solar Panels - Chicago Center for Green Technology

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