Friday Randomizer Fun

Nothing great here to hear, but nothing objectionably bad either. I’m too mentally drained at the moment to bloviate about each track, so just imagine me telling you amusing anecdotes as to why these particular songs ended up in my library.

  1. LunaFuzzy Wuzzy

    Pup Tent

  2. Wells, JuniorSo Tired

    Junior Wells 1957-1963: University Rock

  3. Lennon, JohnBorn in a Prison

    Some Time In New York City

  4. Iguanas, TheFlame On

    Plastic Silver 9-Volt Heart

  5. Monk, TheloniousEronel

    The Complete Blue Note Recordings

  6. Watson, DocBrown’s Ferry Blues

    The Vanguard Years

  7. Beastie BoysDo It

    Ill Communication

  8. Malathini and the Mahotella QueensThokozile


  9. R.E.M.I Don’t Sleep, I Dream


  10. Deadstring BrothersWhere Are All My Friends?

    For A Decade Of Sin: 11 Years Of Bloodshot Records

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