Abbate Should Serve Time

Let's Beat the Fuck Outta Anthony Abbate
[sticker reads, “Lets beat the fuck out of Anthony Abbate”]

A former Chicago police officer convicted of a bar beating seen around the world violated his probation by failing a drug test last month, Cook County prosecutors alleged today.

Anthony Abbate, 41, tested positive last month for opiates, prosecutors said. Circuit Judge Arthur Hill Jr. set a hearing on the allegations for March 12. Prosecutors could seek to have him imprisoned for up to five years if the judge finds he violated his probation.

The burly Abbate was convicted in June of aggravated battery for the 2007 off-duty beating of Karolina Obrycka, a bartender at Jesse’s Short Stop Inn. The attack was caught on video and circulated on the Internet.

Jesus Reyes, acting head of the Cook County Adult Probation Department, said test results do not specify the type of opiate for which Abbate tested positive, but the test screens for opium, heroin, morphine, codeine and a number of medications.

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Abbate gives regular hard-working police a bad name, yet the Chicago justice system seems intent upon letting Abbate stand as a mascot for the CPD.


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  1. Elmo Hajdukifi says:

    Fantastic posting, I favorited your blog so I can visit again in the future, All the Best, Elmo Hajduk

  2. ron says:

    Please keep us up to date when he goes to jail or sentencing. I want to be there. This guy is lower then trash.

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