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“Adobe Photoshop CS5 Upgrade [Mac]” (Adobe)

Photoshop CS5 runs natively in 64 bit, which means it is much faster finishing a lot of tasks, at least in my limited tests. However, some of my plugins no longer work. I clicked the “Open in 32-bit mode” toggle, and relaunched Photoshop, and AlienSkin’s Exposure 2.0 and my Epson Expression V500 scanner both appeared as options.

In order to see this checkbox, find Photoshop CS5 in your Applications folder, select the icon, click “Command I” (File/Get Info), and click the “Open in 32-bit mode” toggle button.

Slightly cumbersome to quit and relaunch Photoshop every time I want to scan something, but it will have to do for now. AlienSkin is updating their plugin, and it should be ready in a month or so, as they explain.

Photoshop CS5 Compatibility

Now that the Photoshop CS5 excitement is at a fever pitch everyone wants to know whether our products are compatible with it. The short answer is yes, the current versions of all our products work with Photoshop CS5. However, you need to run CS5 in 32-bit mode for all of our Mac products and some Windows products. Also, the floating panels we have released with some of our recent products will probably not work in CS5. Below is the plan for making all of our products fully compatible with the 64-bit version of CS5.

Exposure 3 and Bokeh 2 are almost done and will be 64-bit on both platforms. Exposure 3 will ship in June

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