Reading Around on May 9th

There's No Need for You HereSome additional reading May 9th from 20:01 to 20:01:

  • How to say cheers – Slainte – prost – skål in different languages / countries – skål på forskellige sprog by Alternative Whisky Academy – No one says “Na zdorovje” as a Russian drinking cheer.
    This is increadibly widespread myth. It does mean “To you health”, but they only sayy it as a reply to “Spasibo”
    i.e. “Thank you”.
    Furthermore, there is no universal drinking cheer in Russian, however paradoxal it might sound.
    Sometimes they say “Budem zdorovy” meaning “Let’s stay healthy”. Which sometimes is shortened to just “Budem” (see Ukranian version).
    or “Chtob vse byli zdorovy”, i.e. “Let everybody be healthy”. Thanks to Dmitry

    Old index: Na zdorovje (to your health), Vashe zdorovie or Na zdorovia (Not used !)
    wonder if this is true? No Na Zdorovie

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