Republicans and Earmarks

Republican hypocrisy, part the 689,979,879,829th. If you were keeping track…

Boarding Stable

So, you might recall that in March, amid much fanfare, Congressional Republicans declared a one-year moratorium on all earmarks emanating from the GOP.

So, one can understand why House Transportation and Infrastructure chairman Jim Oberstar (D-MN) is a tad perplexed by what he is seeing as he ramps up towards creating a new Water Resources Development Act (emphasis mine):

Transportation and Infrastructure Chairman James Oberstar sent letters to 116 Republicans on Thursday asking whether they intend to be bound by the House GOP moratorium on earmarks and want him to disregard their requests for projects in the Water Resources Development Act.

In preparation for a new WRDA bill, 354 House Members — including 120 Republicans — submitted project requests to the committee last summer. The WRDA bill includes projects such as dam and levee replacements, beach replenishment, drainage upgrades and water treatment facilities.

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Shiny Happy porklegs

So, big press conference denouncing earmarks is one thing, but actually avoiding earmarks is a suckers game, apparently. Only 4 Republicans withdrew their requests, the other 116 figure pork, in their districts, makes for happy voters.

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