Reading Around on July 8th

Some additional reading July 8th from 07:55 to 15:00:

  • BULLS: What would Michael do? Not this! – Michael Jordan probably hurt himself and his teams, at times, by refusing, as he said, to be “a show pony.” Jordan sold a lot of products and I probably got him in trouble some when I noted his joking remark that Republicans buy sneakers, too. Michael was not a political guy. And the way it has gone perhaps he was right. But Jordan always understood you don’t denigrate the game to enhance yourself, which is what James has done.
  • Lebron James: The Uncool | The Nation – Right now Lebron is acting less cool than Al Gore on Soul Train. He should be treating this remarkable free agent process like the Fonz. Instead the King is being pure Potsie. What would Fonzie do? Let’s remember 1995 when Michael Jordan returned to the Chicago Bulls after a season and a half playing minor league baseball. Jordan sent a fax to the media that said simply, “I’m back.” We had another Fonzie moment just yesterday when 21 year old NBA scoring champ Kevin Durant quietly re-upped for five more years with his thrilling, small market squad of infinite promise, the Oklahoma City Thunder.
  • Blago Jogging on May Street

  • Yahoo! Respuestas blog » Archivo del Blog » La guía de Respuestas para: Correr – Las imágenes de esta entrada son de swanksalot y de Josiah Mackenzie, quienes comparten su trabajo en Flickr.

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