LoudTwitter is Defunct

For a while, I used a free service called LoudTwitter to post a days worth of my Twitter musings onto my Blogspot blog early every morning. I found this quite useful, especially because I tend to use Twitter mostly as a repository for interesting tidbits and news articles which may never actually end up being blogged. And because, quite honestly, my short term memory is for shit. Having an automatically generated page that I could browse looking for a particular link was something I used many times.

Defunct Tweets


Since LoudTwitter is no more, I wonder if there is a comparable plugin for WordPress or even Google’s Blogspot? I actually preferred that LoudTwitter posted to my step-child Blogspot blog, which doesn’t get much attention, other than to post a Flickr photo now and again.

2 thoughts on “LoudTwitter is Defunct

  1. galateadia says:

    There are two wordpress plugins that post your tweets to your blog…Twitter Tools, and Twitter for WordPress.

  2. Thanks! I ended up using Twitter Tools, at least for now

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