Twitter Updates for 2010-08-19

  • Delusions Abound on Energy Savings #
  • Death in Venice: Who was Geo. H. Macomber and what's he's doing on the Chicago Athletic Club? #
  • wait, Rush did a cover of Shapes of Things? Odd. After the David Bowie version? or Yardbirds? #
  • still haven't been to see the space on Wolcott, apparently the current tenant is "being difficult". #
  • Does Salade Niçoise, in your opinion, require tuna? #
  • RT @thefrontloader: The Vaselines are back! Check out "Sex with an X" & "I Hate the 80's" from their upcoming release #
  • don't know why I cannot remember, without aided recall, who is who in XY sex-determination system of taxonomy. Granted school was long ago #
  • …but come on brain, you can do better #
  • NYTimes: Mezcal, Tequila’s Smoky, Spicy Cousin #
  • Pip and his iPad #
  • Wishbone for lunch meeting FTW #
  • no duh RT @HowardBeckNYT: Twifficiency Spammer Turns Out to Be An Emo 17-Year-Old #
  • My Top 3 Weekly #lastfm artists: Johnny Cash (91), Sonny Boy Williamson (86) and The Handsome Family (56) #music #
  • Alaska Is Leery of Washington but Feasts on Its Dollars – #
  • New Orleans circa 1937. "1133-1135 Chartres Street." Laundry day in the Quarter. #
  • Dr. Laura: criticism of me infringes my first amendment rights #
  • RT @copedog: Not only is Empty Bottle still doing honky tonk, they are also answering their phones and being both friendly and helpful! #
  • guess I'm going to Austin for Thanksgiving. Cool, has been a few years… #
  • So is the implication that TE Lawrence was sodomized/raped by his Turkish captors? #LawrenceOfArabia #
  • Fuck it, I guess our neighbors win, and we are putting our place for sale. No good to be sued by assholes. #

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