links for 2010-09-17

  • In the meantime, Katz, who opened the bar that goes with his deli on Nov. 15, 1979, is going to throw a Hall of Fame (and Hall of Shame) reunion for his faithful customers Thursday at his restaurant at 618 W. Sixth. The invites include photos of famous people who have allegedly visited his place: among them Woody Allen, Dennis Hopper and, uh, the Queen of England?
  • O Beloved, upon this river of wine, launch our boat-shaped cup,
    And into this river throw those weeping with envy, too.
    (tags: wine poetry)
  • This Leica MP2 camera and matching Wetzlar electric motor are going up for auction at WestLicht Auction in December of this year. The starting price for this auction is €80,000 (~$105,000), and the camera is expected to fetch up to €180,000 (~$235,440).
  • Teabagger and Senate candidate in Alaska, Joe Miller’s misguided intellectual and philosophical purity about how we shouldn’t rely on the federal government for anything did not keep him from making a little extra cash on the side thanks to you the taxpayer. That’s right, Mr. ’Who Needs the Feds?’ collected more than $14,000 in federal farm subsidies between 1995 and 2003, including barley and conservation subsidies.…but he’s perfectly happy to reap the rewards of a system he claims to detest, and then wants to get rid of it for everyone else.

    Kind of like the fact that his parents live on Social Security and Medicare, but he wants to cut it off for the generations to come. Or the fact that his kids are home schooled and he wants to abolish the Department of Education.

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