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Florida Edition of GOP Clown Car

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Like we noted earlier, despite all the talk of momentum, whatever the hell that is, the primary season is not over yet. Gingrich, and Ron Paul are going to keep going on as long as they have enough money to do so, and they would be stupid not to continue.

Newt Gingrich has been predicting that the battle for the Republican presidential nomination will last “until June or July, unless Romney drops out sooner,” but the magnitude of his loss to Mitt Romney in Florida’s primary on Tuesday could force him to recalibrate.

Romney 46.4%

Gingrich 31.9%

Santorum 13.4%

Paul 7.0%

It is possible, of course, that the contest will stretch on for several months, largely because the voting so far has allocated only 5 percent of the delegates needed to claim the nomination. On Wednesday, the battle turns to states like Nevada that award their delegates on a proportional basis, so even coming in second will have a payoff, unlike in Florida, where the winner takes all.

(click here to continue reading Gingrich Pins Hopes on Super Tuesday and Delegate Shares – NYTimes.com.)

To update my calculations, and including Automatic Delegates a/k/a Super Delegates, I have the current allocation as:

  • Dog Mittens Romney – 78
  • Newtonious Leroy Gingrich – 28
  • Ronald Paul – 9
  • Sticky-Rick Santorum – 7

Not close to over, yet.

GOP Clown Car 2 1 2012
GOP Clown Car 2-1-2012.PNG

Written by Seth Anderson

February 1st, 2012 at 11:53 am

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