Random Friday – Flute Loop Edition

Stereo Sanctity
Stereo Sanctity

I haven’t played this game in a while1, so I’ll participate today. Apparently this is a joint France/Los Angeles joint. My notes in clover, duh…

  1. Beastie BoysFlute Loop
    Ill Communication
    Saddened by MCA’s death, the Beastie Boys were my age, basically, so having one of them die is a reminder that we have a short brutish time on the planet, and why wait? Smile now, there might not be a tomorrow. Two minute song from one of my favorite Beastie Boy albums, built off a funk/jazz flute loop. Rock the Nation, indeed.
  2. Lowe, NickNo Reason
    Basher -The Best of Nick Lowe
     No reason in the world…song originally from the Jesus of Cool album which every self-respecting hipster already owns.
  3. Art Blakey & The Jazz MessengersBlues March
    Paris 1958
    I’m ready to march around the office, coffee cup in hand. I’ve never been to Paris, this might be close enough. Originally part of an 11-song three-LP set. 
  4. Johann Sebastian BachBach: Partitas, BWV 825-827, Vol. 1
    Bach: Keyboard Partita #2 In C Minor, BWV 826 – Courante- Gould, Glenn
    ahh, Bach… 
  5. BeltunerDe Rien
    speaking of France, this is French folk music, with accordions, acoustic guitars and what not. Not sure how I got this, but it is fun. Unfortunately, too early to have a glass of wine with my coffee…  
  6. Sun RaLove In Outer Space
    Purple Night
    not the best Sun Ra album, if you have never heard Sun Ra, start elsewhere. The vocals seem to be coming from outer space, appropriately.
  7. LoveA House Is Not A Motel
    Forever Changes
    I love this song. I’ve heard it hundreds of times and am still not absolutely sure what is about, other than Arthur Lee’s drug influenced weirdness.  Another Los Angeles reference. 
  8. MekonsLearning To Live On Your Own
    The Mekons Rock ‘n’ Roll
    A great album, oft called country punk-esque, though this particular track is more sweet than crunchy.  Robert Christgau’s note on the Mekons is worth reading
  9. Watson, Doc And Clarence AshleyGod’s Gonna Ease My Troublin’ Mind
    Original Folkways Recordings 1960 – 1962 (Disc 2)
    you can’t play guitar nor banjo this well, and neither can I. Allegedly, Doc Watson didn’t even own an acoustic guitar at the time of this recording, though that could be apocryphal legend.
  10. Gram Parsons & The Flying Burrito BrothersSin City
    Gram Parsons Archives Vol. 1: Live At The Avalon Ballroom April 4th, 1969 
    I’ve never to Los Angeles either, though I lust after photographing the vintage neon there. A slice of country rock from the master of the Cosmic American genre, created in San Francisco a couple of days before me. 
  11. Kings Of LeonHoly Roller Novocaine
    Youth & Young Manhood
    debut album of this middle of the road “Southern Rock” band. Nothing special, but good in certain moods, especially if played loudly. Irritatingly, there is a multi-minute long silence in the middle of the song.
  12. The SaintsThe Prisoner
    Prehistoric Sounds
    punk rock with saxophones. Awesome! How come no one told me about the Saints years ago? Love this album.
  13. Soul BrothersHeyi Wena
    Jive Soweto (The Indestructible Beat Of Soweto Volume 4)
    From Allmusic: “Jive” is the generic term used to refer to South African pop music, and is often modified by reference to the featured instrument — hence sax jive and pennywhistle jive. If you’ve never heard South African jive, seek it out, you are in for a treat. Bouncy, happy music. The very first international album I got (or one of the first) was an earlier edition in this series, The Indestructible Beat of Soweto, volume 1 & 2.
  14. The Full TreatmentJust Can’t Wait
    Where The Action Is!: Los Angeles Nuggets 1965-1968 [Disc 3]
    Garage pop from Los Angeles. Another Rhino collection of single from another era. This song is a little too Beach Boys-esque for my taste, but there are a few seconds of psychedelic fun near the end.
  15. De La SoulTalkin’ Bout Hey Love
    De La Soul Is Dead
    Built off of a nice sample (Stevie Wonder maybe?), but disposable otherwise. 

Ok, I can’t count. Fifteen is not ten, a house is not a home, black is not grey…

A Little Wine With My Dinner

So I’m In My Grape Ape

I Feel Like A Winner When I Make A Mix Tape

Because I Get Ill

When I’m On The Pause Button

And I Get My Fill

And You Can’t Say Nothing

More Soul On This Train Then Don Cornelius

Got The Mad Subwoofer Pumping Bass For Your Anus

Just Getting On The Mic

At The Monthly Function

Wires Hitting Switches

Connecting At The Junction

Perlman’s Got Beats

And It Ain’t No Secret

Dante Found His Shit

But You Know He Freaked It

And So The Story Goes On

And On Down In S. D. 50 ’till Early Morning

  1. the rules are simple, shuffle your music by song, pick out the first ten songs, list ’em []

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