No You Cannot Use My Photograph For Free Part 87

Another entry into the continuing series of I’m not giving you something for nothing. The previous entry has more back story if you missed it. Today’s requestor was more upfront with what he wanted, and that there was no money available, even though he’s being paid to create the book. For the record, I am not offended on being asked to use my photos, it is some sort of low level honor.

Here is the email, with personal information removed. I’m not trying to embarrass the requestor, usually, just document it.

My name is [REDACTED] and i am a writer and comedian (please check out [REDACTED}, google me,or check out my work for [REDACTED high profile blog].
I have a humor book coming out through my publisher, [REDACTED], which will feature funny/cute pictures of kittens and cats. Would you potentially be interested in having one of your photos in the book? Unfortunately, there is no pay. But you will receive photo credit (but will have to remove watrermark), a free copy of the book, and a very fun book to share with your family and friends. If you’d like to see what the book will be similar to, visit Amazon and search for [REDACTED funny title], or [REDACTED] –the prequels to this book featuring pictures dogs and kids.

Of course, it’s not guaranteed that a photo will be used, but i really liked your photos (especially cat in fridge ) and think you’d probably get in.
If you’re interested, please email me directly at [REDACTED email]. I will also need to you to eventually send me an attached hi-res photo as well.

I is in your fridge, eating your food
I is in your fridge, eating your food – the photo in question. And yes, my cat jumped up in the refrigerator as we were about to start putting the groceries away. He hasn’t done it since, however.

I responded, trying to be a little funny:

No thank you, I’ve decided I like to eat more than I like to see my name in a photo credit. For some reason, my bank will not accept photo credit as legal tender.

Thanks anyway, and good luck.

Cheerio, Seth Anderson

The requestor cheerfully responded:

I completely understand :). thanks for getting back to me.

Not all requestors are snotty…

Note, this interaction occurred prior to me reading this form letter.

2 thoughts on “No You Cannot Use My Photograph For Free Part 87

  1. John Cutting says:

    Wow. I’m horrified and alarmed on your behalf. Sorry you have to endure crap letters like that. …you know what it sounds like? It reminds me of a Nigerian banking scam. Follow me on this, …they phish around for photographers who might be willing to fork over a couple of hundred dollars toward the end of some elaborate email exchange. Does this sound preposterous? …..I’m thinking, if one is needy enough to accept the promise of a funny book of kittys and darling pets as payment for one’s life calling, then perhaps one is desperate enough for publicity or for notoriety such that they might invest a hundred dollars or so in an upcoming seminar that teaches unpublished photographers how to get famous, or at least more famous or somewhat famous. …and for next to nothing!

    Seth, you have my criminal mind churning out new and exciting Work At Home ideas today!! I could be rich by the end of the week. And all I have to do is troll the internet, looking for unsuspecting artisans – and then customize my boilerplate letter to incorporate their unique circumstances. Hmmm, it would be a lot of work and I’d have to build a small database to house all the personal data I gleaned – but the payoff could make it worthwhile. Nah, nevermind. I’m sure such things never happen. But it was fun to think of it. ……..Meanwhile, I’m glad you didn’t get snookered by some unscrupulous swindler. (And you possibly saved your cat’s online reputation by not getting it involved.)

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