John Schnatter CEO of Papa John’s Is An Asshole

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If I ever was tempted to eat a Papa John’s pizza,1 asshole CEO John Schnatter has convinced me to forgo the temptation.

John Schnatter, chief executive of the pizza chain, is bashing President Obama’s healthcare reform law as a policy that will force the company to choose between its customers and its investors.

And if the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act rolls out as planned in 2014, Schnatter’s strategy is “of course … to pass that cost on the consumer in order to protect our shareholders’ best interest,” he said in a recent conference call.

Schnatter estimates that the legislation will cost Papa John’s about 11 cents to 14 cents per pizza, which equates to 15 cents to 20 cents per order. An average delivery charge runs $1.75 to $2.50.

“We’re not supportive of Obamacare like most businesses in our industry but our business model and unit economics are about as ideal as you can get for a food company to absorb Obamacare,” Schnatter said. “Ergo, we have a high ticket average with extremely high frequency of order counts, millions of pizzas per year.”

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15¢ more, and health insurance for the people who make the damn cardboard-tasting pizza? Doesn’t seem like that big a burden to me. Especially in light of:

Net income for the second quarter, which ended June 24, rose 22.3% to $14.8 million, or 61 cents a share, from $12.1 million, or 47 cents a share a year earlier. Same-store sales soared 5.7% in North America.

Jerks like John Schnatter are what is wrong with America these days: no concern for anyone or anything besides the corporate quarterly profit. No wonder he’s a Mitt Romney zombie…

Unsurprisingly, Papa John’s chief is a big fan of Mitt Romney. Schnatter recently even hosted a private fundraiser for the Republican presidential candidate at his mansion in Anchorage, Ky.

I’ve worked in many places that didn’t provide healthcare for employees, luckily I was young, and um, lucky, not to need it. The food industry is built upon the backs of underpaid workers, who become disposable if ill, or injured.

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5 thoughts on “John Schnatter CEO of Papa John’s Is An Asshole

  1. hare says:

    Another liberal who can’t face reality – companies are not in business to make you happy, they are in business to make MONEY! If costs increase, so will the price of the product. If you don’t like the price or the product, don’t buy it. The market will take care of any business that is not competitive. Just because this guy tells it like it is with pending costs is no reason to get derogatory. Stay tuned! These costs are going to appear everywhere in the market place, whether you like it or not.

  2. YellowYam says:

    I work for Papa Johns, just started. Look at their nutrition information. The pizza itself really isn’t that bad, if you go for the garden fresh, but it’s just so incredibly salty. An 8″ pie contains 80% of the recommended sodium for a single day, and less than half the calories. The body simply cannot metabolize salt this quickly, and eating too many pizzas will cause hypertension, the silent killer.

    Ironically, if you work for Papa Johns and eat their pizza all the time, you won’t make enough money due to your hours being slashed and you won’t have insurance for when you have a heart attack from eating too much pizza on the job with your 50% discount, after which presumably the store still makes money.

  3. YellowYam says:

    Of course, there are also no other jobs on the market. So Papa Johns it is.. yum.

  4. bumkinslayer says:

    I refuse to eat here. Screw these grotesque republicans corporate-whores, most of them never had to truly struggle, 99% of their rag-to-riches stories are pure fantasy.

    Imagine if you got a receipt from a pizza place after ordering a pizza, and in the charges you saw:

    .15cents -Healthcare for every employee in this company.

    Thank you. Would you really be such a cheap f**k as to be angry? The people who get pissed about this are often well-off too. The poor people understand and besides. IT’S 15 goddamn cents a pizza to bring health and happiness to thousands of people. What the f**k. How can you defend this level of selfish, douche-bag behavior? Oh I forgot. Republican. They would rather John have another few Lamborghini s than help poor families live a better life. Animals. They honestly hate humanity, they are despicable, nasty creatures.

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