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Zone Focusing for Candid Street Photography

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Photos on your screen are nice, but photos on your wall are better!
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An interesting idea. I’ll have to explore this a bit.

Capturing strangers candidly, yet tack sharp, is probably the toughest technical skill to learn in street photography.

With a genre such as landscape photography, you can find your location, plan your shot, wait patiently for the correct lighting, and make sure that you are ready to pounce when the perfect moment hits.  But candid street photography is an entirely different beast.  Often, you are presented with a moment so quickly that your reaction time is severely tested.  It is so tough to frame correctly, focus correctly, and capture a spontaneous shot at the right moment, all while trying to keep things candid.

The solution?  Learning to zone focus.  Not every street photographer zone focuses, but the ones that do swear by it.  While I use autofocus when I can, I too swear by it.  And with a little practice, it’s not all that hard to learn.

Honestly, it’s way harder to explain it than it is to actually do it.

(click here to continue reading The Ultimate Guide to Zone Focusing for Candid Street Photography.)

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Written by Seth Anderson

August 21st, 2012 at 11:25 am

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