Songs We May Have Forgotten

Songs We May Have Forgotten
Songs We May Have Forgotten (click to embiggen)

Sunset in the West Loop.

A Flickr pal asked me how I named this photo.

My response:

Short answer, I don’t know.

Longer answer: Titles are hard, especially after coming up with over 8,000 already1. I try not to repeat myself when naming the photos that I upload to Flickr, but it is a challenge. Some photographs name themselves, others have only a tangential, tenuous relation between subject and title. I’m a bit of a magpie, snatching up fragments of phrases from wherever I find them, or sometimes just from turning off my conscious brain for a second, and seeing what emerges from my subconscious.

  1.  8,891 items uploaded to Flickr as of 8-31-2012 []

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